Key Solutions, Inc.

With the mission of providing "environmentally responsible solutions" to meet client needs, Key Solutions as a company specializes in the "cross-fertilization" of technology, employing proven processes and unit operations beyond historical implementation.  Finding both innovative and proven solutions for problems deemed too difficult or too complex for conventional approaches is our forte.  Extensive contacts throughout the vendor, user, and regulatory communities in addition to diversified experience and knowledgeable resources are the major assets of the company.  These assets allow us to hold to the standards of telling the client what they do not know rather than what they know already.

The focus of our experience is on the implementation of environmentally responsible, cost effective solutions in industrial and municipal settings.  Emphasis is placed upon uncomplicated, straightforward approaches to problem solving, drawing upon diverse experience in chemical, engineering, and business development including:

  • Wastewater compliance and controls including:
    • Adaptation of process flows and operating configurations for reduction or elimination of chemical addition requirements
    • Reconfiguration and optimization of existing equipment given new operating and performance requirements
    • Process optimization and automation for reduced solids production
    • Design and implementation of real time process controls for operating cost reduction
    • Selection of separation and handling equipment appropriate to the chemistry and conditions of the influent stream or effluent demands
    • Equipment and process design for point source reuse, recycling, elimination, and reduction of effluents and emissions
  • Reduction and elimination of both point source and non-point source nutrient discharges to meet water quality regulations.
  • Modification of or selection of chemical and physical processes for regulatory compliance within spending and time limits
  • Recovery and recycling of process fluids and waste streams including wastewater treatment and by­product reclamation, among others.
  • Separation, recovery, and mixing processes involving:
    • Liquid-liquid, liquid-solid, and liquid-gas handling
    • Distillation
    • Membrane applications for microfiltration, ultrafiltration, and reverse osmosis

Key Solutions, Inc. was formed in 1990 as a Subchapter S Corporation, operating in Jacksonville, FL, under the name of G. E. Keyser, Inc.  The corporation was established in response to a decreasing demand for chemicals and equipment and an increased need for common sense, market­place-proven information to meet the increasing demand for economical, environmentally responsible corporate practices.  With the expansion of the services and addition of engineering and administrative staff, the name was changed to Key Solutions, Inc. in March of 1992.  After a hiatus in 1996-98 to launch developed technology as a separate business entity, Key Solutions again became active in development work and problem solving in the water and wastewater industry.