GEK 2013    Gene E. Keyser, Ph.D.

Selected Project Experience as owner and principal investigator of Key Solutions, Inc.

  • Design and supervision for installation of closed loop water reclamation and reuse municipal facilities also providing non-potable process water to a recycle linerboard facility, including mill process modifications for alum elimination, TDS management, heat recovery and transfer for energy conservation, and overall water use reduction.  City of Montville, CT and Rand Whitney Corporation
  • Process and equipment design and project development of renewable biofuels facilities with zero liquid discharge and internal power self-sufficiency with sweet sorghum feedstock for projects including a 60 mgy ethanol (Meridian Clean Fuels), a 100 mgy butanol (NF-Squared, Inc.), and a 33 mgy butanol + 110 MW electricity (Energy Security for Kentucky). 
  • Process, Instrumentation, and Electrical Design for upgrade and compliance modifications to Northeast Polk County WWTF, Davenport, FL, including automation and information system design, programming, emergency power generation, solids handling and disposal, operator training, and start-up.  As designed and implemented, the 6-9 mgd plant is capable of fully remote operations and control.
  • Design, development, project management, and implementation of technology driven process modifications allowing the reduction of solids handling and rerating of a 20 mgd WWTP to a 60 mgd WWTP (without additional or new tankage) while saving over $107 million in budgeted capital cost and $9 million per year in operating costs by process automation and energy management.  Ironbridge WWTP, City of Orlando, FL.
  • Process design and automation, including automation and instrumentation programming, hiring, training, and supervision of the Information Technology group for the Ironbridge WWTP, City of Orlando, FL.
  • Design, implementation, and automation of emergency power and power distribution system for Ironbridge Water Reclamation Facility, City of Orlando, FL, supplying 9.2 MW of capacity including load sharing, load shedding, emergency power, and fully automated remote controls, originally designed and budgeted at more than $15MM, installed and fully operational at $7.2 MM with greater capacity and efficiency than the original design.
  • Process design and start-up for 10 mgd Vincennes CA Water Reclamation Facility including solids handling and disposal with power co-generation.
  • Process design, automation, and programming (including new emergency power generation) for the 25 mgd Conserv II WWRF, City of Orlando, FL.
  • Process design, process start-up, troubleshooting, and operations training for improved water quality, compliance, and cost reduction at 25+ municipal and industrial water and wastewater facilities. AL, CA, CT, FL, GA, IN, MN, OH, TX, WI
  • Development and successful piloting of phosphorous discharge prevention technology to meet 10 ppb total phosphorus limit without chemical addition at a 50 mgd surface water process flow farming operation.  Technology ultimately implemented at multiple 100+ mgd sugar cane sites in the Florida Everglades Watershed Protection Area.
  • Developing and implementing a 1 mgd zero-discharge industrial site to eliminate chromium discharge from an electroplating and aluminum anodizing facility with water and metals recovery and reuse.
  • Developing, implementing, and project management for elimination of ozone-depleting cleaning solvents (net 20,000 gallons per day previously used at $200,000 per day) and a two order of magnitude reduction in water consumption (1+mgd to <10,000 gallons per day) for manufacture from raw strip stock (various grades of stainless steel) of more than 20 tons per day of razor blades (single edge, double edge, and cartridges) with improvement in the reject production rate from 96% to more than 99% and concurrent improvement in raw metal stock utilization from ~40% to >55%.
  • Adjunct services to and associated for both powerhouse optimization and both zero and near-zero discharge recycle paper mills.
  • Micronair, LLC. 1993-1998,  Owner, CEO, Technical Director, and principal investigator developing, patenting, manufacturing, and implementing processes and equipment for the total digestion of biological solids concurrent with the removal of non-degradable materials from wastewater flows allowing the elimination of disposal of biological solids from wastewater treatment processes.  Achieved $20+ MM in sales; technology sold to Siemens Water Technology.
  • Process hardware development, design, and fabrication for separation of suspended and colloidal solids from in sundry organic streams including both high value (>$100 per liter) and commodity (>1 mgd) using ceramic and metal membrane technology as well as cyclonic and size exclusion screening hardware.
  • Design and improvement of distillation processes for commodity organic process streams with statistically selected, controlled, and refined automation schemes.
  • Design and discovery of drilling well fluids and media for both land-based and offshore oil production and recovery.
  • Design and development of process lubricants (the original Mobil 1, among others) and corrosion inhibitors for automotive and industrial applications.
  • Wet end paper mill optimization for by-product recovery (tall oil soap, sulfate turpentine, di-methyl sulfide) and chemical recovery.

Selected Presentations, White Papers, and Training Courses

  • Energy Savings:  Value Proposition, Design, and Implementation.  Siemens Engineering and Procurement Training, 2013.
  • Wastewater Design and Operations 101.  Siemens Sales and Engineering Training, 2013
  • Remote Manual versus Manual Revisited.  Siemens, 2010, 2013.
  • Drive Synchronization.  Siemens, 2008, 2011, 2013.
  • Operation and Control: Activated Sludge Treatment Processes.  Polk County, FL, 2012
  • Distributed Power.  Siemens, 2009, 2011
  • Profibus Networks: Design versus Implementation.  Siemens, 2009, 2010
  • Moving Beyond SCADA: Dark Plant Operations Moving Beyond SCADA: Dark Plant Operations.  2010 Automation Summit, Charlotte, NC
  • Energy Management: CAPEX v. OPEX.  Siemens Canada; Siemens USA; Siemens International, 2009, 2010
  • The Not-So-Silent Risk of Improper Controls: Water Hammer.  Caribbean Wastewater Association, 2010; WEFTEC, 2010
  • Remote Manual v. Manual.  Siemens, 2008; Boyle Engineering, 2009; MWH, 2009.
  • Totally Integrated Power + Totally Integrated Automation.  Siemens Germany 2008, Siemens Canada 2010, Siemens USA 2013.
  • Have we forgotten what we’ve learned?  A compilation of facts, data, observations, and opinions about anaerobic digestion.  Siemens Water Treatment Technology, 2010;  Caribbean Wastewater Association, 2010
  • Operation and Maintenance: Activated Sludge Treatment Processes. Kentucky DEP 2007; Ohio Wastewater Operator’s Annual Training, 2008

Professional Experience:

Key Solutions, Inc., 1990 to present, municipal and industrial water, wastewater, and chemical processing project management, training, design, and implementation.

Union Camp Corporation,

  • Chemical Division, 1984-1987, head of oilfield chemicals development, production, and commercialization;
  • Bush-Boake-Allen Division, 1987-1990, head of business development and international technology transfer and acquisition.

Michelin Tire Corporation, 1983-1984, management trainee: chemical research and production.

Westvaco, Chemical Research Division, 1980-1983, Lubricants, resins, and surfactants research; lubricants and surfactants process development and commercialization.

American Cyanamid, Lederlé Pharmaceutical Research Division, 1979-1980, Biological surfactant and delivery mechanisms research.


University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 1975-1979, Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry

Thesis: Syntheses of Fluorescent Base, Nucleoside, and Nucleotide Analogues: linear-Benzopurine Derivatives.  This work was a cornerstone for the syntheses and design of biologically active, persistent fluorescent labels for multi-generational biological evaluations of RNA, DNA, and enzyme fragments to elucidate the commercial production process for synthetic human insulin.

Duke University, 1971-1975, B.S. in Chemistry

Thesis: The Development of spiro-Piperidines as Morphine Analogs.


American Institute of Chemical Engineers, since 1992

Sweet Sorghum Ethanol Association, since 2011

Water Environment Federation, 1995 – 2013

American Chemical Society, 1972 - 2011


USP 6,245,553.  Gene E. Keyser.  Method and apparatus for limiting emissions from a contained vessel

USP 6,218,174.  Gene E. Keyser.  Purification of fluids and control of solute concentrations through selective degasification

USP 5,824,222.  Gene E. Keyser, D.M. Holcombe.  Method for removing suspended inert solids from a waste stream

USP 5,658,458.  Gene E. Keyser, D.M. Holcombe.  Apparatus for removing suspended inert solids from a waste stream

USP 5,626,755.  Gene E. Keyser, D.M. Holcombe.  Method and apparatus for waste digestion using multiple biological processes

USP 5,510,544.  Gene E. Keyser.  Fluorinated terpene compounds

USP 5,316,682.  Gene E. Keyser, Ellis O. Barnes.  Gas micronizer and purification system and related methods

USP 5,271,810.  Gene E. Keyser, Robert L. Klopfenstein.  Distillation device for purifying liquid mixtures

USP 5,156,173.  Gene E. Keyser, Robert L. Klopfenstein.  High-efficiency, low-emissions cleaning method and apparatus

USP 4,776,985.  Gene E. Keyser, Gary D. Fultz.  Alkoxylated rosin amides (for drilling fluids)